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Frequently Asked Questions

Does my trailer need a State Inspection?

If it is registered in Texas it must get an annual safety inspection.

Do you fix refrigerated trailers?

Yes, We have factory trained transport refrigeration technicians.

Do you work on boat trailers?

Yes, we virtually fix any type of trailer.

Do you work on equipment haulers?

Yes, lowboys and detachable goosenecks are our specialty.

Do you do tank trailer repairs?

We do except for liquid holding tanks which we do not repair the tank itself, but we do fix the rest of the trailer.

Do you sell tires?

Yes, we sell and install all types of tires including commercial truck and trailer, off road equipment , light duty, and car tires.

Do you have 24 hour emergency service?

We have 12 mobile service trucks that provide 24hr roadside service.

Do you work on trucks?

Yes, We do everything on trucks except for heavy line engine repairs

Do you have mobile service?

Yes, onsite fleet maintenance and repairs what we do best.

Can you change the oil on my truck on site?

Absolutely, we average one hundred truck pm’s per month.

Do you work on hydraulics?

We do repair hydraulics on trucks, trailers, and liftgates.

Do you work on dump trailers?

Yes, we repair them and install poly liners and tarp systems.

Do you do truck alignments?

Yes, axle alignments on all equipment are key to managing tire life.

Can you pick up and deliver my truck or trailer?

We do 6 days a week, as well as having access to our main shop drop yard 24/7.